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Track 1:

Learning and Researching in Times of Uncertainty

Learning and researching, just as teaching, are incredibly challenging in these times of uncertainty. Students and researchers around the globe are experiencing challenges of online and remote learning and lack of in-person collaboration and exchange. Learning online can be a challenging and a lonely undertaking. However, we find that students in the US and, even more so, in Yemen remain committed to their studies and dedicated to creating a better world for themselves and their peers.


As part of our program, graduate students from the University of Aden will participate in discussions and workshops with undergraduate and graduate students from Boston University. As this is an interdisciplinary program, the students from different departments and schools will all be working together on design and research projects. Each week they will be assigned readings and sent video recordings of lectures from program facilitators and presenters.


They will participate in bi-weekly online live discussions of these materials with faculty and students from both universities. In the second week of the program, they will start applying design thinking methodologies to work on a project aiming to resolve some of the issues of forced displacement faced by their communities. They will be placed in groups created by program facilitators who will ensure that each group has students from different geographic areas as well as from a different discipline.


The students will communicate through E-mail, WhatsApp, Zoom, and our StatelessCo platform to exchange ideas and to design their projects. The teaching pairs from BU and Yemen will be supervising their work and providing guidance throughout the duration of the program. Graduate students who are interested in research and working on their individual projects will have an opportunity to opt out of the design thinking workshops and instead participate in work-in-progress workshops where they will present their project ideas and receive feedback and guidance from teachers and other students and practitioners from different disciplines.

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