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Research Paper Submission Criteria



  1. General Guides for Writing 


Text: Times New Roman 

Font size : 12 

Margins: 1 inch

Pages 15-30 (Tables, figures included) Word count (7000-16000) if you believe your paper would be shorter than the prescribed limits mentioned, please let us know while submitting to

The style of language is American English or  British English. Submissions must be in the form of a PDF and as a Word document.


  1. Manuscript Guidelines


2.1 Authors and Affiliations


All Authors are to be listed separated by commas, an asterisk is to be placed next to the author who is designated to be the corresponding author 


2.2 Abstract and Keywords


The abstract should be concise giving an overview and display the general significance which will be available to a wider readership at first glance. Please also mention up to 5-8 keywords


2.3 Formatting

  • Font should be size 12 for text, footnotes and references included.

  • Please use footnotes and refrain from using endnotes.

  • Do not use acronyms or computational abbreviations when discussing variables.

  • All abbreviations must have an explanation at the first instance in the manuscript. Consider also providing a section listing all abbreviations.

  • Please include complete first and family names in the reference list.

  • We expect the use of the 17th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style 

2.4 Sections

It is recommended to organize your manuscript according to this format or it’s equivalent in your field 

Introduction, Methods/ Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion

2.5 Figures and Tables

  • Place figures and tables exactly where they should fall in the manuscript, or, if need be, use a placeholder [Figure/Table 1 about here], with the figure directly following on a new page.

  • Please number figures and tables consecutively.

  • All variables that appear in tables of figures should be described in appropriate detail in the text.

  • Figures should be readable in grayscale. 

  • NOTE: When printing in grayscale, classic blue, black, red and green all look the same.


2.6 References

  • Author-Date system of the 17th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style

    • Information can be found in Chapter 15, Documentation II: Author-Date References

    • Click here for access to the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide. Please be sure to change to Author-Date

    • See below for a basic reference list example.

  • Please provide authors' first and last names, rather than last name and first initial

  • All listed references must be cited in the text, and vice versa. Do not include non-cited material in references.

  • Please include a link to all non-published work, i.e. working papers, conference papers, etc.

  • Publication information for each reference must be complete and correct at time of submission.

  • If you are using the following research tools, we recommend:

    • LaTeX – biblatex, style=chicago-authordate,

    • MS Word 2016 includes CMS, for previous Word versions, try the Zotero MS-Word add-in

    • Zotero – Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (author-date)

    • EndNote – download the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition Author-Date (B)


2.7 In-Text Citations 

  • Use the Author-Date system in the following format: (Author Year, Pages). Separate mass citations with a semicolon.

  • Do not redact your self-citations.

  • Do not use footnotes for simple citations.

  • Examples:

    • “In the book by Ahlquist and Levi (2013), …”.

    • Or at the end of a sentence (Mansbridge 1986).

    • Citations may appear at the end of each (in-)dependent clause.


2.8 Appendices:

  • Figures and Tables appearing in the appendices should be lettered to distinguish them from those in the manuscript (Table A.1, A.2, Figures A.1, A.2 etc)

  • Each appendix should have a descriptive title.

  • Appendices intended for online publication do not count toward word count; however, please distinguish between online appendices and those you would intend to publish in print. On-line Appendices should be limited to 25 pages, including ethical and methodological discussions, if at all possible.



2.9 Author’s Contribution  Statement 

Please add a statement regarding the contribution of each author and list only initials for each author.

2.10 Funding

Please declare all sources of funding received for the research being submitted.  

2.11 Conflicts of Interest

Please declare if there are any conflict of interest and how this was negotiated with during the research work

2.12 Ethical statements

Please indicate if ethical board approval was given for the project in accordance with local legislation and institutional requirements.

2.13 Data Availability 

Please indicate where the data supporting the conclusions of the manuscript can be found or who to contact if they aren’t readily available.

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