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BEIT  Documentary

A documentary that focuses on the intergenerational trauma of urban refugees and urban Lebanese folks as the explore definitions of home.

Project Members: Hailey Hart-Thompson (BU '21), Josh Pei (BU '21), Sima Bu Jawdeh (AUB '20)


DisciplineAnthropology, Communications,

Public Health


MadrasaTech allows refugee families living in camps with no access to education to turn the TVs in their tents into learning devices by way of a Raspberry Pi. 

Project Members: Jessica Thai (BU '20), Sheila Phillips (BU ’20), and Misty Ouyang (BU’20)

Deliverable: EdTech Device

DisciplinePublic Health, Education,


Refugee Right To Place

Micah’s dissertation analyzes the harm of the period between immediate displacement and alleviation of a refugee’s precarious legal and political status in terms of the persistent deprivation of ‘place.’

Project Members: Micah Trautmann (CAS PhD '22)

Deliverable: Disertation

Discipline: Philosophy

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