above: Founding Faculty Dr. Muhammad Zaman discussing student involvement in short-term abroad programs.





Session 1: Limits of Empathy

Wednesday, April 8th

12-1PM, EST

These are interactive, informal, sessions that will allow us to spend time with and talk to forced displacement experts and guests from across our University and across the globe. 
This week on April 8th at 12PM EST, we question limits of empathy at the time of collective uncertainty and mass global displacement. 

What can we do now? Is this a time to re-evaluate vulnerability and displacement definitions? Who are the most vulnerable? How and if at all can we protect them? 
JOIN US AT 12PM EST on APRIL 8TH at THIS ZOOM LINK; https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/684743370

Want more to read?  Learn about the health risks to displaced populations, actions undertaken so far, and the need in these communities - focused on Bangladesh, social distancing for refugees camps, or more about vulnerable populations.

Session 2: Vulnerability in Displacement & UN Women's Association Lebanon

April 16, 2020


Our special guest next week is Claire Wilson (UN Women Lebanon).Claire has been working with the UN in Lebanon on assessing the needs of refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic. She will share with us her preliminary findings and open the conversation about how the current health crisis changes ideas/definitions of vulnerability.


Session 3: Displaced Population during Pandemics across History